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Storage Solutions

You can’t get enough storage as far as I’m concerned. I don’t live in a ‘show-home’ environment, especially with teenagers crashing every space, so quick storage solutions are essential to keep things looking tidy, and I find baskets are a great way to make smaller items look like they have a place instead of scattered all around the house.Rooms like Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Living Rooms can benefit from basket storage, bringing a cohesive style to the decor whilst adding important texture and colour. Whether placing under consoles, at the end of a bed, in hallways or on top of a table, baskets can be an interior storage lifesaver.  Children's rooms are often a space where practical storage can sometimes look too cumbersome and difficult for little ones to use or the opposite end of the scale is that we resort to plastic boxes under the bed. Baskets are a great way to give small toys, scarfs, hats and books a home with a fun design as well as being at a user friendly height for children (Kallani Basket)In the other main areas of a house, blankets and throws can be thrown into a basket whilst having that designer styled 'messy’ look. (Parisia Basket) Magazines and papers can be stacked upright for easy access (Tanger Basket) and even plastic plant pots can be hidden away and turned into a beautiful display (Hafi Baskets)Whatever your basket of choice, there are loads to choose from, mix and match styles, sizes, materials and colours to give your spaces a storage refresh!


A collection or two is a must-have in any boho modern home In a way that furniture and other items aren't. They are an authentic statement of what the homeowner values and a window into their personality. If you're interested in curating then you're probably already acumulating a vast amount...

2022's take on 70's Styling

The love for 70's styling is just as popular as ever leaning towards the bohemian spectrum with its undecorated feel.  However, the 2022 version sees Chocolate Brown as the starring role, but unlike the usual 70's pairing of bright orange, we are seeing a subtle shift for it to play...

Bedroom Backdrops

I often find that headboard backdrops are often overlooked, but it can be the perfect wall to elevate your bedroom scheme and create a strong focal point in the room.  When it comes to above the bed decor, there's lots of options to create an interesting space that suits different styles.

Coffee Table Styling

The art of Coffee Table styling is a great way to learn how to style and display most items around your home. with some basic interior design rules, you can become a pro at pretty much styling any table, surface or shelving and transform your interiors in 5 easy steps....

Furniture Bling

Curtain tie backs such as tassels have been used for centuries as a status symbol, a luxurious accessory to show off wealth and grand style.  Accessories like tassels can upgrade and enhance interiors by also adoring pieces of furniture and rooms all over your pad. Sometimes a vintage sideboard, that French...

How to style using Throws

Cooling temperatures and shorter days means more time indoors and what better way to inject some much needed warmth into your home than stocking up on soft throws and blankets. 

Decorating with Mirrors

I love decorative accessories and mirrors are a strikingly versatile design feature, adding instant glamour while maximizing light and enhancing the sense of space. Traditionally mirrors are postioned over a fireplace, on a mantle or on a dressing table where practically and making the use of light is important. I treat...

Continuity, Hues and Tonality

Continuity of hue with contrasting pattern and materials brings interest and texture to a space without losing the overall tonality. By introducing darker tones to walls, it can compliment earthy tones of accessories, whilst making others pop against the contrast.  Varing texture is also something that brings an interior scheme...

Why every Interior needs a rug

For me, rugs are the easiest and most impactful way to change and improve any Interior space. Not only to they add warmth and texture but they can hide imperfections in flooring and help with the continuity and flow of different spaces.

How to decorate with Metallics

Although metallics can seem more stark and cooler than other materials used in the home. Within an interior, just a touch of glimmering metal can make a space instantly more glamorous. They provide a contrasting industrial edge and if you stike the right balance can add pockets of warmth to any...

That Quiet Place

After a week of craziness, taxiing kids to school, extra curriculum activities, the small matter of work, meal planning, exercise and the general hectic nature of routines and logistics, a quiet corner in your home to just sit still and take a breath for 5 minutes can be a godsend!

The Cohesive Palette

Whenever you're styling, think of your home in it's totalilty, the connection and overflow of rooms that spill into each other.  By using the rule of three as a stratergy, it can help the design seamlessly flow, repeating colours in different ways, varying hues, creating a tonal cohesive look without...

What's Trending?

Trends are an important part of any Interior Addict's world, so far this year, 2021 has seen a huge focus on comfort and familiarity, both in terms of colour and products. The throwback to vintage pieces, Mid - Century lines, crinkled soft furnishings and a connection to nature with sustainable...

Seasonal Living

The changing of the seasons is a natural marker when it comes to fashion and interior design, it can also be quite tricky to navigate. Whilst the excitement of a new season’s collection can be tempting, revamping your whole wardrobe or room decor can quickly turn into a hefty quarterly...

Too many cushions?

Seriously, Is there such a thing as too many cushions? I don’t know about you but for me cushions take a bed or sofa from practical to super sumptuous with just the addition of soft textural accessories.