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Yebba, coffee and a dream......

I’m sitting here at my laptop, updating the Ty & Mor website, listening to the dulcet tones of Yebba, sipping on my morning coffee, and reflecting on the past few years. 
The truth is, Ty & Mor’s innocent beginnings, is the realisation of a 20 year old dream that has always been in the background, unfulfilled, too afraid to see the light of day.
Lately life has taught me that fear is just an obstacle that will grow as big as you make the problem in front of you. The facts are, I just wasn’t ready for the challenge, Ty & Mor was a metaphor for my life, if I didn’t face the problem, then maybe it would go away and I could carry on making excuses for why things were the way they were, and it was too late to do anything about it.
Dreams like fears are not so willing to stay silent, they don’t just disappear because we ignore them, they stick around, waiting for the opportunity to show up and challenge us. It seems that action is the only remedy,  and so the journey of finding out what taking a leap of faith really meant began.
A combination of my love of music, interiors, art and fashion has led me to the creation of my first venture and love, Ty & Mor, the store. 
It is a reflection of my desire to flood spaces with warmth, nature, texture and colour. A collection to bring light and love to the soul, a spiritual experience that tells our ever evolving stories.
The lessons of this journey are ongoing, just as Ty & Mor will evolve and grow, my hope is that fear will always be met with a taller, more confident, wiser, braver, version of me.