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The Secret life of plants….

I must admit, I’ve drowned a few monsteras over the past few years and I’m convinced that plants just don’t like me, but the problem is that I, love them.

I tend to approach a planting scheme and how they get introduced to an interior space pretty much the same as I approach any other interior project. The eye needs to find interest, so the combination of different sizes and their impact visually is the first step.

My tips on creating your very own indoor jungle is to find oversized specimens that sit on the floor and then mix it up with some smaller ones that play around with height and scale. Try plants stands and hanging planters that display your green friends at different levels, opt for trailing plants that spill out over the top.

Just like soft furnishings, texture is also important, if you just go for the same texture and colour it leaves the space feeling flat. Prickly Cacti, large holey Monstera and thin spikey Spider plants are a great option. By mixing different hues and shades from inky dark greens to the most neon on the spectrum can also make areas pop out.

When it comes to housing your plants, there’s such a wide variety of planters to choose from these days, you cant go far wrong, (like our Tacoma Flower Pot). Mix up materials like earthenware, metals and natural weaves to add sensory value. I like displaying small succulent plants on desks and in amongst bookshelves, so bright colours and patterns bring them to the foreground. Larger stone planters can sometimes look cumbersome so try rattan baskets and Paper Mache vessels for a softer feel.

There’s nothing like lifting an interior space with a bit of nature, and whether you’re a novice like me or a pro, I’ve learnt that the most unforgiving mistake is overwatering! Plants don’t die in a week so be sure test the soil with your finger and read up about its history before placing it in that nook you want to fill, it might just want to live somewhere else!

Good luck and have fun!