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The Cohesive Palette

The question I get asked most when it comes to interior design is about colour, what will work where, what goes with what and how is that going to look with existing pieces?

Perhaps the oldest interior design rule, the 60-30-10 principle is a good place to start as a general guide and divides a colour scheme into percentages of colour use. The main colour represents 60% used in your room design, the secondary colour represents 30% in your scheme and that leaves 10% for the accent colour to provide a pop of contast.

Whenever you're styling, think of your home in it's totalilty, the connection and overflow of rooms that spill into each other.  By using the rule of three as a stratergy, it can help the design seamlessly flow, repeating colours in different ways, varying hues, creating a tonal cohesive look without being too similar in every room.

A good tip to create a choesive interior is to do it through the use of undertones. Avoid stark bright white ceilings and woodwork where possible as the contrast can give a cold clinical feel rather than an encompassing relaxed vibe. Painting ceilings out in the same colour as the walls effectively blurs the boundary lines, giving a sophisticated feel that enables furniture and artwork to really stand out.

Using these techniques in all areas of your home can create a home that's bespoke to you, your style and personality. Always start a scheme with the end in mind and how you want to feel in it. Don't be scared of colour, have fun, experiment and make mistakes, becuase it's the only way you'll find what you love!