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Why ‘feeling’ is the secret……

This week has consisted of a lot of early starts, late nights and pure hard graft in between.

I think it's easy for anyone to fall into a negative spiral when tiredness and self motivation is at an all time low, but it seems to me that the pace of the plummet is always quicker and easier to believe than the existence of good thoughts and belief in yourself.

The process of design is an interesting one. Firstly there is the idea, that idea gains momentum and then the doubts kick in, it tends to go backwards for bit and then just at the point when you want to give up, eureka, it all comes good!

The point is, design starts with an objective, you can’t be ashamed of the objective, you have to feel what it would be like to achieve that objective, use your senses to smell, hear, touch, because if you imagine the feeling, it means it exists and you can achieve it.

It is important to understand the psychology behind interior design in order to create an ambience that lifts your mood and has a positive effect on your well-being.

In the same way as you can visualise and go about creating a scheme or a room in your house you are in control of the same feelings and creativity that can bring about anything else you want in life.

There is a direct connection between your moods and feelings and the visible world, where feelings come to life.

Emotion and Psychology is at the heart of every interior design scheme, so keep your favourite feelings in mind whether you’re designing a space or designing your life.


Peace and Love