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Why every Interior needs a rug

For me, rugs are the easiest and most impactful way to change and improve any Interior space. Not only to they add warmth and texture but they can hide imperfections in flooring and help with the continuity and flow of different spaces.

Layering is an important element in any interior and rugs do this effortlessly. Rugs come in so many materials, patterns and colours that they can create contrast, by making a bold statement or bring a space together by reinforcing and creating a cohesive feel by enhancing a neutral pallete.

Picking the right rug for your space is important, sizing and material can alter the eyes perspective of a room. Rugs under dining tables should be larger than the table, and a flatter less bulkier material such as natural jute will help with cleaning. Living rooms and bedrooms can take a shaggy deeper pile that will create a cosy feeling under foot, especially if you have hardflooring throughout. 

Hallways and bathrooms are ideal for runners where decor can be quite sterile and undersated. They can connect spaces with textural warmth as well as being practical and comfortable underfoot.