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Understanding Design Projects: Makeover, Refurbishment, and Full Redesign Explained


At the start of this week, I'm going to let you into a secret on how you can get the best results from your interior designer! I believe it's essential for clients to have a clear understanding of the scope and objectives of their design projects, so In this blog post, I've split design into 3 distinct characteristics of makeover, refurbishment, and full redesign projects, as well as key questions you should consider when embarking on each type of project. Whether you're looking to refresh your space with a makeover, update existing elements with a refurbishment, or completely transform your interior with a full redesign, I'll provide you with valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and achieve your design goals.  

1. Makeover:
A makeover project involves making superficial or cosmetic changes to refresh the appearance of a space without altering its fundamental structure or layout. This type of project is ideal for clients who want to update their interiors on a limited budget or within a short timeframe. Makeover projects may include painting walls, replacing fixtures and furnishings, updating accessories, and adding decorative elements to enhance visual appeal.

Key Questions for you:
- What specific areas of the space do you want to address with the makeover?
- What is your desired aesthetic or style for the updated space?
- What is your budget and timeline for the makeover project?
- How can the interior designer maximise the impact of the makeover while staying within budget constraints?

2. Refurbishment:
A refurbishment project involves renovating or restoring existing elements of a space to improve functionality, efficiency, and overall condition. This type of project typically goes beyond cosmetic changes to address structural issues, upgrade systems, and modernise outdated features. Refurbishment projects may include upgrading plumbing and electrical systems, repairing or replacing flooring and cabinetry, and optimising layout and space utilisation.

Key Questions for you:
- What specific aspects of the space require refurbishment or renovation?
- Are there any structural or functional issues that need to be addressed?
- What are your priorities in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and budget for the refurbishment project?
- How can the interior designer incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly solutions into the refurbishment process?

3. Full Redesign:
A full redesign project involves completely reimagining and transforming a space to meet the changing needs and preferences of the client. This type of project offers the greatest degree of flexibility and creative freedom, allowing for significant alterations to layout, structural elements, and design features. Full redesign projects may involve demolishing walls, reconfiguring floor plans, expanding or adding new rooms, and selecting new finishes and furnishings to create a cohesive and harmonious interior.

Key Questions for you:
- What are your long-term goals and vision for the redesigned space?
- Are there any specific functional requirements or lifestyle considerations that need to be accommodated?
- What is your budget and timeline for the full redesign project?
- How can the interior designer integrate innovative technologies and design trends into the redesigned space to enhance its functionality and aesthetics?

Whether you're considering a makeover, refurbishment, or full redesign project, it's essential to work closely with an experienced interior designer who understands your unique needs and objectives. By asking the right questions and providing clear direction, clients can ensure that their design projects are executed efficiently and effectively, resulting in spaces that are both beautiful and functional. At Ty & Mor we are committed to delivering exceptional design solutions in transforming spaces for the hospitality sector, retail industry, and domestic refurbishments all over Bristol, Bath, and the Southwest of the UK, tailoring design to each client's preferences and lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your space with confidence and creativity!

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