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Too many cushions?

Seriously, Is there such a thing as too many cushions? I don’t know about you but for me cushions take a bed or sofa from practical to super sumptuous with just the addition of soft textural accessories.

Super easy to rearrange, move about, pile up or down, cushions are the easiest and most versatile accessory to transform, revamp and give your interior an instant facelift.

The art to styling cushions is also really important, as one either end of a sofa doesn’t really cut it! I tend to approach any ‘styling’ in a non-symmetrical way as it can end up looking very formal and uninviting which is not the point at all.

As with any soft furnishings, whether its cushions or throws, they should welcome you, draw you in and be so tactile that you want to touch immediately. I probably go a little overboard, but I insist on at least three at one end and one or two down the other, oh and a few scattered on the floor too. They should be different sizes, shapes and colour, see our Marco, Saffi and Sienna cushions for the perfect example of texture and size.

If you’re a little afraid of pattern, cushions are a great way to introduce texture and design into your home. Stick to complimentary colours and tonality but mix up texture and pattern to draw your eye in.

Finally, knock your cushions out, sounds a bit drastic but a perfectly quaffed cushion doesn’t really give off a relaxed vibe. Plump up pillows by throwing them on the floor, pumble with fists and finish off with a karate chop in the centre, works everytime!