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That Quiet Place

After a week of craziness, taxiing kids to school, extra curriculum activities, the small matter of work, meal planning, exercise and the general hectic nature of routines and logistics, a quiet corner in your home to just sit still and take a breath for 5 minutes can be a godsend!

It's important when designing an interior that these pockets of calm get the same thought and treatment as Kitchens and Living rooms. The most obvious room to make your escape from the home's busiest places is the bedroom. However, although I wholeheartedly recommend making this space as relaxing as possible, creating a tranquil abode goes beyond the bedroom; it starts with simple, mindful practices that allow you to feel stress-free no matter your lifestyle.

Make the most of natural light, nothing brings clarity like a stroke of sunlight. A naturally lit space can boost your senses, improve your mood, and create an overall tranquil atmosphere more so than an artificially lit environment. Try adding large mirrors and reflective surfaces that will make the most of any natural light that floods in.

Why not bring the restorative qualities of plants indoors? Dot them on shelving, bookcases, tables and in every nook and cranny or create a dedicated plant corner to help eliminate toxins from indoor spaces, re-oxygenating your home. 

While houseplants aren’t for everyone, textures and pieces made from natural materials exude calmness and tranquility. Pieces like our woven Canya Side, Kubu Wall Hanging and Marco Raffia Cushion will foster a sense of inner calm through their earthy nature. Place them in Alcoves, forgotten corners and next to your favourite reading chair.

There are so many simple ways to transform your home into a balanced and peaceful retreat. However you choose to do it, It's good to remember that our homes should be places that nurture and support us, allowing us to recharge mentally, spiritually and physically.