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The A-Z of Hygge

The A-Z of Hygge (pronounced Hue-gue, not huggy! )

Hygge, the danish word that’s become the go to phrase for conjuring up a feeling of coziness and well being in our homes, but what actually is it, and how do you practice it?

It turns out that the Danes are super serious self care pros and in the era of Covid, I can see how slowing time down and appreciating the simple pleasures in life can offer a road to happiness and contentment like never before.

Winter is mother natures way of saying it’s time to hibernate and rest, so what better time to practice giving yourself a big hug everyday by taking time out.

The key is to dump the guilt of taking time out for yourself. Light those candies, buy a plant, read a book, cook something nice, put on your fluffy socks, celebrate your loungewear, ditch the diet, eat cake, grab that blanket and watch Netflix with a renewed sense of chi!

Peace and Love