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Stripes in Design: Bold, Candy-Style Trends Making a Splash

At Ty & Mor, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to design trends. Recently, one trend has captured our attention and the imaginations of designers and clients alike: bold, candy-style stripes. From the hospitality sector to retail spaces and domestic refurbishments, these vibrant patterns are injecting energy and playfulness into interiors across Bristol, Bath, and the Southwest.

The Resurgence of Stripes

Stripes have long been a staple in design, offering versatility and timeless appeal. However, the latest iteration of this classic pattern is anything but understated. Candy-style stripes, characterised by their bold, broad bands of colour, are making a powerful statement. These stripes evoke a sense of nostalgia and whimsy, reminiscent of vintage sweet shops and seaside holidays.

Why Candy-Style Stripes?

The appeal of candy-style stripes lies in their ability to transform a space with minimal effort. Their bold nature makes them an excellent choice for creating focal points and adding visual interest. Whether used sparingly or as a dominant design feature, stripes bring a dynamic and cheerful atmosphere to any room.

Stripes in Hospitality Design

In the hospitality sector, creating memorable and engaging environments is crucial. Candy-style stripes can be used to infuse spaces with a sense of fun and uniqueness, making them particularly suitable for hotels, restaurants, and bars looking to stand out.

Imagine a boutique hotel lobby adorned with bold striped wallpaper in vibrant hues. The pattern instantly grabs attention and sets a lively tone, creating an inviting and Instagram-worthy backdrop for guests. In restaurants, striped banquettes or tablecloths can add a playful touch while also delineating different areas within the space.

Retail Spaces Come to Life

For retail spaces, the design is all about creating an immersive and appealing shopping experience. Candy-style stripes can help achieve this by drawing customers' eyes and guiding them through the store.

Consider a clothing boutique where fitting room doors are painted with bold stripes, each in different colours. This not only makes the fitting area more attractive but also enhances the overall shopping experience by creating a cohesive and engaging design narrative. Similarly, striped flooring or display units can add a burst of colour and energy, encouraging customers to explore and interact with the merchandise.

Domestic Refurbishments: Bringing Boldness Home

In domestic settings, candy-style stripes offer a fantastic way to inject personality and vibrancy into various rooms. From feature walls to soft furnishings, stripes can be adapted to suit different tastes and styles.

A living room, for instance, can be transformed with a striped accent wall behind the sofa. This focal point can tie together other design elements in the room, such as cushions and rugs, which can feature complementary stripes or solid colors. In children’s rooms, candy-style stripes can create a fun and stimulating environment. Striped bedding or curtains in bright, primary colours can make the space feel playful and inviting.

Balancing Boldness

While candy-style stripes are undeniably bold, achieving a balanced look is key. Pairing stripes with neutral tones or solid colours can prevent the design from becoming overwhelming. For instance, if you have a striped wall, consider using solid-coloured furniture and accessories to maintain harmony.

Additionally, the scale and direction of the stripes play a crucial role in the overall aesthetic. Vertical stripes can make ceilings appear higher and rooms feel more spacious, while horizontal stripes can create a sense of width and expansiveness. Mixing different scales of stripes, such as pairing wide stripes with narrower ones, can add depth and interest without overloading the senses.

Stripes for Every Space

At Ty & Mor, we embrace the transformative power of design. The resurgence of bold, candy-style stripes offers endless possibilities for adding character and vibrancy to any space. Whether you're looking to make a statement in a hospitality venue, create an engaging retail environment, or bring a touch of whimsy to your home, stripes are a versatile and exciting option which we look forward to helping you explore in your laest project!

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