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Storage Solutions

You can’t get enough storage as far as I’m concerned. I don’t live in a ‘show-home’ environment, especially with teenagers crashing every space, so quick storage solutions are essential to keep things looking tidy, and I find baskets are a great way to make smaller items look like they have a place instead of scattered all around the house.

Rooms like Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Living Rooms can benefit from basket storage, bringing a cohesive style to the decor whilst adding important texture and colour. Whether placing under consoles, at the end of a bed, in hallways or on top of a table, baskets can be an interior storage lifesaver. 

Children's rooms are often a space where practical storage can sometimes look too cumbersome and difficult for little ones to use or the opposite end of the scale is that we resort to plastic boxes under the bed. Baskets are a great way to give small toys, scarfs, hats and books a home with a fun design as well as being at a user friendly height for children (Kallani Basket)

In the other main areas of a house, blankets and throws can be thrown into a basket whilst having that designer styled 'messy’ look. (Parisia Basket) Magazines and papers can be stacked upright for easy access (Tanger Basket) and even plastic plant pots can be hidden away and turned into a beautiful display (Hafi Baskets)

Whatever your basket of choice, there are loads to choose from, mix and match styles, sizes, materials and colours to give your spaces a storage refresh!