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Seasonal Living

The changing of the seasons is a natural marker when it comes to fashion and interior design, it can also be quite tricky to navigate. Whilst the excitement of a new season’s collection can be tempting, revamping your whole wardrobe or room decor can quickly turn into a hefty quarterly investment!. However I do think that the change in weather, daylight hours and how our routines alter to adapt to these subtle shifts in the natural world are important factors in our living environments.

The theme of this year's Mental Health Awareness campaign is "Nature". During the pandemic, many of us turned to nature as a way of maintaining positive wellbeing, and studies suggest that 45% of people found green spaces vital for their mental wellbeing.

An integral part of the purpose behind T&M is creating collections that align and celebrate our seasons and strengthen our relationship with nature. This season is all about natural raw materials which are super tactile, earthy and rustic. Jute vessels to fill full of grasses, bamboo lamps and lanterns that are light and airy enough to be enjoyed outdoors, Wall art to bring a vibrant display of nature to any space and recycled cotton throws to wrap around on those evenings when it gets a little chilly dining al fresco.

I have always found that a strong connection to nature forms an emotional bond to our natural surroundings, which has a positive effect on our wellbeing. To embrace this season, try adding a few pieces to your home that will enhance wellness, introduce some greenery, summer scents and sustainable materials with some of nature’s best offerings.