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Decorating with Mirrors

I love decorative accessories and mirrors are a strikingly versatile design feature, adding instant glamour while maximizing light and enhancing the sense of space.

Traditionally mirrors are postioned over a fireplace, on a mantle or on a dressing table where practically and making the use of light is important. I treat mirrors a bit like wall art and have them dotted throughout my pad, over consoles, leaning on shelving, in alcoves, dark corners and outdoor spaces too!

The differing sizing of the actual mirror can help with placement, some mirrors do need to be used for more pratical uses like the bathroom but others can be used for more decorative pieces, varing sizes and frame material can create eye catching focal points.

Not only do mirrors bounce light, they can also reflect your favoutrite pieces and interior features that you want to enhance like a beautiful chandilier or faux plants in beauiful vessels.

Our Black Iris Mirror is a stunning piece that is not only eye catching but will create a sophisticated boho chic look to any interior, a stunning piece to decorate a blank wall in your hall, living space or bedroom.