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What's Trending?

Trends are an important part of any Interior Addict's world, so far this year, 2021 has seen a huge focus on comfort and familiarity, both in terms of colour and products. The throwback to vintage pieces, Mid - Century lines, crinkled soft furnishings and a connection to nature with sustainable design.

The eclectic, bohemian style of 'less perfectly designed' and more of an 'inprov designer mess' feel has us yearning for comfortable spaces where floors, ceilings and walls all get the same treatment, where big means oversized and soft means fluffy, our focus on comfort is paving the way.

When it comes to comfort, our go to comforting tones are earthy, and natural with a lean towards the deeper inkier hues of brown and pinks. Wallpapers are trending towards classic blousy floral prints and tropical wildlife.

Of course, Vintage home decor has multiple advantages: It's sustainability value is high, up-cycling furniture and rummaging around antique shop's can be a great way to get the homely feel and a unique piece for a lot cheaper than anything new.

If you want a home that’s personal, cosy and warm, my advice would be to combine vintage pieces and items you’ve collected over the years, mix it up with contemporary lighting, keep colour palettes to a minimum and play around with tonality. Does that always perfectly match? No probably not, but it's a home with a story, and your story is what makes your home.