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How to create a moody Interior

Do - Pile on the dark paint to achieve a cocoon-like feel. Introducing superich tones such as Chocolate Brown, Khaki Greens, dense Grey Blues and Black. Perfect for Living Rooms, Bathrooms and Bedrooms, They look especially good on wooden panelling, extending the colour to doors, skirtings and ceilings. Make sure you try out some paint samples to see what they look like in different lights and at various times of the day, this is an important stage with dark colours to get the tones and saturation right.

Favourite tried and tested dark colours: Salon Drab, Inchyra Blue, Duck Green, Off Black

Do - Go big on Luxe textiles, whether its an abstract tapestry / rug hanging in the dining room, rich lush velvets on sofas and chairs and fluffy cushions and Throws in the bedroom. Rich textiles naturally exude warmth, by layering these over dark colours, you turn up the coziness factor.

Favourite textiles: Abo Tibetian Lambskin, Pansy Cushion, Ambar Rug

Do - Go wild with prints, patterned Wallpaper is the ultimate tool for creating gorgeous sanctuaries within your home where entire rooms are enveloped in the serenity of the pattern. I especially like to use this trick in small downstairs toilets and back bedrooms where patterns can really come alive. You can also choose to limit your prints to one wall where you’re using a larger or bolder prints that work well as a statement feature.

Favourite wallpapers: Katalina Stripe, Strawberry Thief, Algerian Tale