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A collection or two is a must-have in any boho modern home In a way that furniture and other items aren't. They are an authentic statement of what the homeowner values and a window into their personality.

If you're interested in curating then you're probably already acumulating a vast amount of stuff, add styling to that and a collection is born. 

The wonderful thing about collections is that they aren't about practicality, they are about beauty, your very own unique beauty, no less. There is no right or wrong. It could be a group of vintage glassware, skulls, wall plates or plant pots, that have been lovingly grouped toether.

Collections aren't normally planned; instead, you might have bought something as a souvenir from your travels or an item has captured your eye at a car boot sale. The fact is when we are drawn to certian materials, shapes and colours, they can  capture our hearts, fill us with joy and evoke memories like nothing else can.

There are so many ways to source the start of a collection these days, from Ebay to Facebook Marketplace, rummaging around Vintage markets or charity shops to your favourite Interior store.

More is usually more when it comes to displaying collections, but make it creative and purposeful. A console clustered with brightly coloured glass vases, a wall full of carefully hung feather juju hats, or a shelving unit stuffed to the brim with books and interesting bookends. 

Whatever it is that makes your home you, enjoy the hunt!