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Coffee Table Styling

The art of Coffee Table styling is a great way to learn how to style and display most items around your home. with some basic interior design rules, you can become a pro at pretty much styling any table, surface or shelving and transform your interiors in 5 easy steps.

Pick a material or finish that is different than your coffee table. For example, If your table is wood, try a metal or galss tray. You Idealy want contrast between the tray and the coffee table.

A tall vase is a good choice, place fresh branches or stems in larger vases to add a natural element to the vignette, or use dried grasses and flowers like hydrangeas. Faux botanicals are also a great choice for longevity.

Ground your tall object with a shorter one like a bowl, a small vase, stacked books, dish, lidded box, or a candle votive. This gives the arrangment balance before adding anything else. 

A no-fail rule with coffee table styling includes greenery in some way. If you didn’t use greenery for your tallest object, then add a small potted plant or a cute vase with a few faux stems as a perfect mid-height object. 

Finally pick a sculptural object to add interest, something textural, whether bumpy, smooth, rough or pointy, using materials like metallics, glass, stone or wood. By layering one of these larger sculptural objects on top of stacked books, it can serve as your mid-height object.