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Bedroom Backdrops

I love bedroom decor and finding new ways to display unusal items, whether it be artwork, sculpture, lighting or furniture. 

I often find that headboard backdrops are overlooked, but it can be the perfect wall to elevate your bedroom scheme and create a strong focal point in the room.  When it comes to above the bed decor, there's lots of options to create an interesting space that suits different styles.

Adding a shelf to a plain wall above the bed, can be a useful way to dispaly artwork and books, to trailing plants, sculptures and lighting.

Make a statement with Wallpaper and Murals, they create a stunning backdrop to beds adding interest and character to a room. Try a bold pattern like large floral prints or a tropical backdrop like our Jungle Wall Art Chart.

Mirrors are a perfect way to create interest and add light at the same time. Place an eclectic mix of mirrors above the bed, creating an eye-catching display that bounces light around the room. Play around with materials, metals will add a touch of luxury whilst natural materials like our spectacular Savannah Grass Mirror will add a showstopping organic earthy vibe. 

Create a unique boho dispay with rattan and bamboo wall plates in different sizes and varing hieghts. Unusual materials like feathers will soften spaces and can look super cool over a headboard. Our Ayanna Feather Wall Hanging in large and Medium sizes look amazing grouped together or as a single display.